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Household ai purifier
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Smog air purifier
KPD-821 air purifier(KPD-821 air purifier)
KPD-821 air purifier
KPD-825 air purifier(KPD-825)
KPD-825 air purifier(KPD-825 air purifier)
KPD-825 air purifier
KPD-827 air purifier(KPD-827)
KPD-828 air purifier(KPD-828)


Wenzhou science and technology purifier is a research and development, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the health and environmental friendly household electrical appliance enterprises. The company is located in Pingyang Industrial Park, Wanquan County of Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou City, 30 kilometers away from Longwan International Airport, convenient transportation, mainly the production of household appliances and health, is currently preparing the national indoor environment and environmental protection products supervision and inspection center with the conditions of the laboratory. Since its inception, the company adhere to high-end home appliances route, hoping to develop its own brand through the industry as a whole, to break the industry pattern, to do environmental protection appliance industry leader. Since Mai King brand is committed to become the excellent enterprise in the national environmental protection appliances, including air purification system Home Furnishing "in a good level of the industry, and through the identification of a scene, air purification system, characteristic of environmental protection, convenient, safe, practical and humane, inject new vigor and vitality for the modern Home Furnishing life.....More>>